Our Story

George Sneed and Thomas Robinson were the masterminds behind Sneed Companies’ 1957 start. Dubbed “Big George” and “Chief” respectively by their grandkids and friends alike, this larger-than-life duo had big dreams and big love for the city of Memphis. After opening a law firm with his brother, Thomas Robinson began investing in real estate in the Memphis area. Using what he had learned, Chief helped champion George Sneed to open Sneed Companies’ doors as an agency with both real estate and insurance offerings. Soon after, President John F. Kennedy appointed Mr. Robinson to be US Attorney of the Western District of Tennessee, so he took on more of an advisor role in the company. In the decades that followed, George’s four sons (Trip,Macky,Tommy, & Scotty) and daughter (Jenna) joined Sneed Companies - each taking on a unique and important role, becoming experts in their field. During this time, Sneed Insurance continued to steadily grow in both personal and commercial insurance lines.  

60 years later, George’s grandson, Tommy Sneed Jr., bought Sneed Insurance from his father, aunt, and uncles. As president of Sneed Insurance, Tommy plans to continue the legacy by focusing on long-term client relationships, customer service, and tailored insurance solutions. As the insurance industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate, Tommy and his leadership team are prioritizing efficiency and processes - investing time and money into technology that will enhance the customer experience.