A Tradition of Excellence since 1957 in Memphis, TN

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On November 25, 1957, when a charter of incorporation was granted for Sneed, Robinson & Gerber, Inc. to pursue a business of insurance and real estate, it began a tradition of excellence that has carried the company to a level its founders could only dream about.
In a short time the company became successful by blending the varied business experiences of an able and enthusiastic president with the corporate legal expertise of the chairman of the board and highly competent staff. With a steady increase in premium volume and the acquisition of several agencies, the firm was soon well established in the mid-south.
More than just hard work, however, went into Sneed, Robinson and Gerber's success. An innovative approach to the business of insurance brought about the beginning of several national insurance programs administered from our National Accounts Department.

Leading the way into the next century

The company pioneered a unique program for insuring street rods and collectible vehicles - a program that attracted clients from throughout the nation. Although we are no longer in the collectible auto insurance market, we have redirected our focus toward developing a successful personal lines program. Our towing insurance program has also garnered success from all around the country - another example of filling a niche with innovative ideas. Our real estate division continues to track the trends of a changing market and to stay on top of it with aggressive, well informed market strategies.
Business People Sitting Talking in an Office Building — Home Insurance in Memphis, TN
Our website offers our customers the convenience of instant on-line quotes and up-to-the-minute information. Through continuing education and practical application, our staff is kept well informed and abreast of the changes and new developments brought about in the industry.
We are proud of our history and our accomplishments, but we will never forget the philosophy that has brought us here. At Sneed Insurance, our first priority is the client. Know that we will never forget that guiding principle as we look forward to the next 50 years of serving those our place their trust in us.